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We’ve been cooking up a storm behind closed doors, and we’re officially ready to roll with our entirely new menu! So what’s on the menu? Our signature German classics (of course!) but this time MORE GERMAN THAN EVER. Come inside and take a look at what else we’ve been cheffing up…  

Feast your eyes on our re-designed menu of German dishes — better and bolder than ever before. From kick-ass cheesy Bavarian Käsespätzle, Knödel, little dumplings of hell yes! to Cordon Bleu, two layers of schnitzels with Alpen-cheese and smoked speck, we’ve got your German classics covered. 

We are also introducing new sizzling platters and small plates, and our new desserts are just the cherry on top! 

One thing will never change though, and that’s our steins; towering in frosted glory, waiting for your next arrival!  

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